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Finding and removing your tension

Mobile massage therapist serving West Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds 

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Based near Chipping Norton, I deliver mobile deep tissue massage therapy across West Oxfordshire and the Cotswolds. I pride myself on delivering high-quality, comprehensive massages that help to remove tension and improve relaxation within the body through the use of Raynor methods.

Mobile Deep Tissue Massage in The Cotswolds


Cotswold Deep Tissue Massage is a mobile massage service offering deep tissue massage, based near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire. I offer Raynor Massage, which is a deeply therapeutic massage style that aims to find and remove tension from your body.

Raynor deep tissue massage is different from all other massage techniques. Not only does it focus on the muscular system but it also benefits the skeletal system and subtle energy systems of the body. Raynor deep tissue massage incorporates techniques from a variety of Eastern and Western modalities to deliver a deeply relaxing experience to all clients.

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Raynor deep tissue massages focus on the muscle, skeletal and subtle energy systems to provide well-rounded treatment. I aim to remove tension from your body which in turn will have a range of positive impacts on the rest of your well-being. When focusing on areas that have a lot of tension there will be some discomfort, however, I always communicate with my client to make sure that at no point is the massage too uncomfortable. As well as the physical benefits experienced from a Raynor Massage, the release of stored toxins can also have a fantastic impact on stress relief and mental well-being.


To find out more about the various Raynor deep tissue massage services I can provide please get in touch. I am more than happy to answer any questions my clients may have about the services I can provide.

Call: +44 7769334434 or, email:

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